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Художник: Julissa

Make You Happy  (109)

на английском

Like david who danced
Like david who said
I'll be more undignified then this
Like peter who walked
Like peter who stepped
Out on the stormy sea i want it to be me

Turn me around
I want to make you happy, make you happy
Inside out
I want to make you happy, make you happy

You make me love
You make me see
You make me jump
You make me scream
You make me fall
Here at your feet in total abandon
You make me laugh
You make me breathe
You scatter all of my enemies
You are enough
You set me free
You make me happy

Like paul who was changed
The same paul in chains
Calling the lost to believe
Like mary who poured
Her oil on the lord
Leaving her sins at his feet

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