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Художник: Kari Jobe

Though I´m Not Worthy  (112)

на английском

Though I'm not worthy to see Your precious face
I bow before thee pour out Your holy grace
For You alone can wash my sin
And cleanse my soul so deep within

Heal me, wash me in Your mercy
Mend these broken pieces of my heart
Love me though I am not worthy
Cleanse my soul and make me whole again
Only say the word and I shall be healed

Though I'm not worthy in Your grace I long to stand
And bow before thee, stretch out your healing hand
For You alone can purify
and heal these wounds so deep inside

Though I'm not worthy to feel Your love, oh Lord
I bow before thee, my Savior be adored.
For You alone break hardened hearts
And bid old bitterness depart

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